Jan. 7th, 2011

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I need to rejigger my charitable contributions. Defenders of Wildlife -- and a bunch of others, similarly -- pissed me off with a new picture of flayed wolves every day implying a new crisis for which they needed another $100. To pay the email jockey, presumably, who I'd be happy to flay personally with my 1 1/2 inch Swiss Army keychain knife blade. Peace out.

The Innocence Project, I think, is the fundamental civil rights Ur-charity. I donated in memory of Aunt Cherie. Begone, all you spring freaks at UNCF. As for the NAACP, I think I may have to join just to honor the memory of Thurgood Marshall.

I need a better global warming charity and will spelunk over at American Institute of Philanthropy to find one. Here are their A+ enviro candidates:

Charity Navigator has 96 four-star enviro charities.

Go me, I've been contributing to the TPL for nearly 20 years. A+!!!! But I'd already given to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (AIP grade: B+) for sentimental reasons, in memory of my father (he's buried at sea). Chesapeake Bay Trust is four star rated, and sounds like a better bet -- along with the four star Surfrider Foundation, to which I've contributed in Daddy's memory on and off for 20 years (he was a total beach bunny).

Women's microloans, in memory of grandmother Pure, my aunt and mother, not rated by API, four stars at Charity Navigator.

Animal welfare, A+ per the AIP:

I've been pretty assiduous with tiny contributions to the four-star charity Water Missions International, despite their email jockey who included me on their prayer list, or something. (Have we been introduced? You're not allowed to touch me, hug me or pray for me otherwise. Under any muthafuckin' circumstance.) They are the people bringing potable water to the Haitians, the lack of which has caused the current cholera epidemic, as I predicted nearly a year ago. If you send just $10 a pop, it literally saves a life.

In other movement of the chi news, I have settled my fathomless seamless health insurance issues, paid the bills, made a grocery list for the production of duck carcass soup and lemon cake, and hope to put away the mountain of packed-up Christmas decorations today.

I have also sworn to re-jigger and compleat the fathomless, seamless, endless, white afghan, which I do not love, before starting another ripple afghan for the blue bayou bedroom (best deal, and best weight, on shades of ice blue!), as well as to finish the 10 lords a leaping garland, just in time for Christmas 2011, before starting on the elves. I'm so psyched about the elves.

White Granny Square Tutti Frutti Ghan
Animal assistance, ca. 2008, always helpful.

Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
One of Martha's more sublime ideas.


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