Jan. 9th, 2011

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Primo Levi's definition of metaphysical guilt is the bedrock, I'd call it, of the new -- essentialism? Or Platonism? That I've been thinking about for the last 20 years, and which makes me so entirely impatient with the pomoes.* There is something there, and it is based in experience of the most essential kind, where as -- oh, let's say, gender fluidity -- can be based, it is entirely arguable, on bad 90s television, which is in turn based on Victorian murder obsessions and operatic ethos (she does it and she dies) and Mary Shelley's Oedipus complex. Hott, but/and/or not.

Come to find out, after a long breakfast with my cousin the metaphysicist, there is a Hindu term for Levi's existential "moral universe". It's call the Akashic record. I keep calling it the Oshkoshic record and envisioning devotees in black-and-white-striped denim saris.

He tells me further his mother, my beloved aunt, had in the 1970s in our little hometown a coven of ladies who met weekly for what they called Weird Wednesday. There they (nice square Episcoes all, pillars of the comm) did seances, meditated, and discussed the Akashic record, among many many other things, for years. They would then have been in their 50s. Dear hearts, and gentle people.

Who knew? As a documentarian, amateur Hindu, alt historiographer and a person entirely shut out from Euro whiteboy thought, this is an amazingly -- uh, objective correlative.

*Whose post-whiteboy thought I naturally am in sympathy with, and whose many insights into basically poco matters I can only be epochally grateful for.

Hate Speech

Jan. 9th, 2011 02:20 pm
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Facebook executive Randi Zuckerberg bluntly asked, "Is Sarah Palin to blame?"

According to Zuckerberg that is the #1 question on the social network behemoth following the Tucson shooting.

Like so much with Palin, the roots are on Facebook. On her Facebook page last year when she posted the a map of 20 congressional districts targeted by SarahPac, the headline of the map: "It's time to take a stand."

At the time Giffords reacted to the map in an interview on a cable news program.

"When people do that, they've got to realize there are consequences to that action," Giffords said.


Is this an FB phenom, and should FB be held accountable for, say, hate speech? Is this a PR dodge by Zuckerberg to avoid hate speech allegations?

I'm also interested in Loughton's cyber personna -- one of those quotes I think of often but can never track down (it was in a TLS or LRB review in the 90s) is that schizophrenics naturally think of themselves as the bearer bots of cameras and computers and prostheses and cyborg mechanisms, which complete their personalities as marriage or union with God does for other people. His presence online is clearly his real being, and thus FB and Youtube et al, where he existed, have an obligation to police themselves.


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