Mar. 5th, 2011

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Finally, the Sheen discourse begins. Anna Holmes on the op ed page of the NYT the other day says Sheen has never really paid the price for woman abuse because his victims, including his three wives, are seen to be disposable women -- transactional sex workers.

Somebody else brought up the interesting question of why Chris Brown was beat down for beating Rihanna and Sheen never has been.

Either it's because Chris Brown is black or Rihanna is not a disposable woman, and she also took pictures of the beating which were leaked.

I haven't thought through [personal profile] villagecharm's thoughtful locked disquisition on all the angry white boys who worship Sheen while believing white boys are the least empowered people on the planet -- Beckerman over at Guyism is voicing this particular thread.

Sheen is, according to Beckerman, the Ubermensch, a typically libertarian take:

Charlie Sheen is no longer a mere thespian, nor a mere playboy; he has become a modern icon of unfiltered, untrammeled masculinity, an embodiment of Nietzsche’s Übermensch who no longer needs the Hollywood hype machine; he has achieved orbit. His publicist refuses to work with him anymore, yet Sheen is booked on every major media outlet in the country. He is the prime topic of American conversation, not for his crimes, not for his work, but simply for being Charlie Sheen. Not like the fame matters to him beyond the godlike amusement of generating spectacle, because he is the essential self-contained man.

I think we differ on the quality of the toys and the occupation of an Ubermensch. While actors have positioned themselves at the apex of society, what they don't understand is that a number of us who actually do control the media, have no such belief, and further that groupies like Beckerman (Piers Morgan and the radio djs) are lickspittles who do not meet the fairly low criteria for journalists. I think that like Eminem, Sheen is a hero to suburban milquetoasts who'd break out in a rash if they had to walk down a sidewalk with black people on it.

I dated a guy like that once. He was a transitional man, and I stayed with him for an age because he was perfectly square. He and I, his brother and sister-in-law walked from my house on 27th Street to Wisconsin Avenue, maybe six blocks. He told me later his sister-in-law, the Valium Queen, hadn't walked that far in 20 years.

The subtext was neither had dear old B. It is to B that Sheen appeals, Sheen, in his anaerobic gated house, with the cherry-picked, incredibly substandard women -- he could, theoretically, get any woman in the universe, including ScarJo, who is dating his sober, Academy-Award-winning buddy Penn -- he avers he likes because in a porn star, "you can see what you're getting", and with prostitutes, "you don't have to lie to anybody" -- slowly (perhaps all too slowly) being stripped of his job, his children, his money and his viability in Hollywood, while still believing 1.6 million Twitter followers are fans and not the same people who are watching OJ's white Jeep heading for death down the freeway. Nuthin' uber about that.

I hope to God it doesn't occur to Sheen to run for president. Newtie will be pissed.


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