Mar. 14th, 2011

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The serious discourse on Sheen may or may not have been continued by Bret Easton Ellis. I think he may be on to something, but I don't understand what it is.

I think Ellis may have mistaken something like lad culture for being hip. Norman Mailer gave the biggest shit, as a matter of fact, which is why he was so dangerous and stupid.

Ellis on his contemporary Sheen )

I have been stalking an old LJ friend who has taken up life as a cam girl over at Streamate. I have become mesmerized by the cam girl Candi Cruz, who actually is post-Empire, which I can't exactly define but which is a useful concept. Many of the other cam girls are amateurs, Empire, if you will, which has its own kind of sad authenticity (oh, those dreary bedspreads and flaccid pillows and off cam cries of children and flushing toilets). But Candi, who never reveals very much or talks very much but maintains incredibly ehrm penetrating eye contact with the camera, which is what it's aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall about, is doing exactly what Sheen is doing only better. Amateur film making but with totally artificial personalities. As opposed to the kind of sitcom based on a standup comic's personality, or Sheen's actual personna, in which the sitcom structure is totally artificial and the personality or personna seems to be real. Reality TV, if you wish. It is entirely artificial and conformed by their idea of what an audience wants; Sheen and Candi both are Pavlov's dogs who just keep pressing the bar of our attention.

This Candi Cruz link at Streamate is totally NSFW.

I'd kill for Candi (though I'm sure my opinion would change if I actually watched a sex show). But not for Charlie.
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Now here is somebody whose entire form was conferred by being on camera. And who died by the sword.

But note how wonderful a dancer he was. If I could dance like that, I'd be a better person. I once married a man pretty much because he was a Guido and could dance like that. Ooooooo girl.


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