Mar. 17th, 2011

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As one of the last living people who reached the age of 18 without watching television -- I grew up abroad, and when we returned to the U.S. my parents took pride in not having it -- I am interested in how it has formed reality, at least in what people think is "the news", in the last 50 years. Helping to write the curriculum for the community journalism class at KWRK has set me to thinking about how twisted the notion of the news is -- one fairly well educated member of the curriculum committee actually believes that progressive photo ops are much more newsworthy than regressive photo ops, and believes the function of the community journalism class is to train drones for coverage of same such as the totally lame "rally" in solidarity with Madison, of which the importance is to upload footage to go with other footage from all over the country in a show of populist muscle which is in fact, the same smoke and blue mirrors that persuades people they have actually participated in the world of political agency -- Come on, kids, let's put on a play! A revolution is not a mosh pit.

Let's not. Let's take the motherfuckers down. I have to go read some more de Zengotita about mediation. It's a philosophical concept, as [personal profile] oneroom informs me, which as I am a bear of Very Little Brain these days, I'll have to let you all debate among yourselves. In the meantime, please amuse yourselves by reading this and telling me what it means.

How the Internet Changed the Way We Think )
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[profile] panjianlien is recounting, in locked entries, jaw-dropping examples of the incompetence and arrogance of Suzy Creamcheese. I think over-mediation, masquerading as white privilege, and the consequent disappearance of communitarianism, competence, commitment, and punctuality is the problem. I don't think defining what is news and what isn't for a community journalism class can solve this overwhelming problem, but it is what I can do.

Mediated, by Thomas de Zengotita )
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I am, embarrassingly so.

This is really good, comes together fast and easy (though it takes an hour plus to bake), feeds millions, and is one of my favorites. It's very rich. I eat it like once a year.

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Lorre 2

Mar. 17th, 2011 03:40 pm
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I purchased Roseanne's second book to find out what's happening with Charlie Sheen.

I was not wrong.

The first sentence, ca. 1994, is The one who cares the most wins. That's what I read in The Art of War, that two-thousand-year-old book by some Oriental wise man that everyone in Hollywood owns.

Did any of you catch the minutes leading up to the last Sheen's Korner Ustream broadcast? Where you could see the shadow of Charles writing on his legal pad reflected in the bottle of Tiger's Blood on which the web cam was focussed. Then they focussed it on a copy of guess what? On the floor propped against the desk.

So we have quack psychiatry, via the quack Method acting teacher Strasberg. We have a culture of doping Judy Garland as a child so she could continue to perform. And we have syncretic crazyass Asian militarism, one good reason a "real" syncretic Asian will never cop to any kind of God.

Excellent. Excellent.

I have the feeling I'm going to learn more about Hollywood from Roseanne than from anything else I've ever read.
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Today only at

They're all predicting Taylor Momsen for the win. But I'm still itching over the existential trauma of choosing between Emma Watson and Diane Kruger, who the randomizer set against each other in this round.

There is fug -- all the vacuous voted for Nicky Minaj, who is kind of a genius -- and then there is fug that is just bad to the bone, an illness of the soul, of the etheric body, a dangerous and maleficent out-picturing which can hurt you if you stare at it too long. One is a leather bustier mini dress, oh Emma Watson, with crewel work at the hem. Matched up for a vote by the diabolical and not so random randomizer with Kruger's chiffon Fallopian tube appliques. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.

And then there's the dialogue the Fug Girls have written between Brad Pitt, one of only three men in the lists, who is randomized against Julianne Moore, against whom I could never vote. Even though, oh Lord, she made it very, very hard. Their J Lo dialogue is brill as always, and they introduced me to the wonder that is Leona Lewis' tailor.


They have not backed off LiLo, as they did Britney when she was not taking her meds and letting her cooch hang out. LiLo is in the lists and I must say she dresses like a 75-year-old retired goombah in Miami Beach. Dang. Part of her madness is Lawn Guyland.

Ron Rosenbaum's Immortal Essay on the Guyland Spirit of Place )


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