May. 25th, 2011

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Somebody around here -- [personal profile] pharminatrix? was it? -- was talking the other day about how the personal is political.


Rape culture at the IMF )
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I was trying not to be annoyed by the In Plain Sight crew who has taken over and blocked off our street and my driveway, offered me $75 to park their shit in my driveway (which I passed on), and installed a Port a Potty within uh spitting distance of the Rancho Atomico's front door under my neighbor's, the Hispano -American Princess', eaves, no doubt for remuneration. An outhouse right by the front door, excellent.

Port A Potty Within 10 Feet of My Front Door

I was trying not to be annoyed because when the transformer blew up last night, depriving the hood of electricity, all my neighbors met on the sidewalk and a couple of the crew members appeared and my neighbors were happy to see them and M invited them all to have lunch in her courtyard and Mrs. Roper invited them over for happy hour tonight and said I can't wait to see Mary tomorrow, in an apparent reference to the star of the show who -- never mind. My neighbors were really happy about it and I decided I didn't need to be so fuckin' grouchy all the time.

Then I had to tell the security guard to move his car from the entrance to the driveway so I could go out to eat dinner since there was no electricity at the Rancho.

Looking North
Looking north.

So today I emerge at noon to collect my garbage can, which has disappeared. The street is full of movieass vehicles. I ask a passing crew member where is my garbage can, and he, holding a plastic bowl full of spring mix salad, which he's eating as he strolls down the street, says, Oh do you want it now? I said, Where. Is. It. He said, oh, I moved them all down there so the garbage guy could pick them up since we were closing off the street. Do you want it back now? I said no.

Charming Techie and Movieass Trucks Looking South
Looking south.

Then he said, You want something to eat?

Then I got pissed again. Two bribes and one Portapotty in 24 hours. Feh.

Garbage Accumulates
Garbage accumulates as we enter the 12th hour of occupation and the driveway remains partially blocked.


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