May. 30th, 2011

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What if the 20th century was nothing more than the working out of Marx and Hegel? The German century?

George Steiner thinks the concentration camps were a projection:

The concentration and death camps of the twentieth century, wherever they exist, under whatever r6gime, are Hell made immanent. They are the transference of Hell from below the earth to its surface. They are the deliberate enactment of a long, precise imagining.

The more I think about commodity fetishism and subject-object relations and materialism and capitalism and global warming 'n' stuff, the more I think modernity is still where everything is at and po-mo is a deeply libertarian (possibly fascist, in the best tradition of French thinking) and frivolous, or spurious, backlash, with, as I have cavilled here around the various notions of secession (home schooling, for example, or Aristasianist femme fantasyland, the whole spawn of Dungeons and Dragons and/or Civil War/Battle of Teutoburg re-enactments, or peak oil Jewish orthodox/hippie-dippie permaculturists), dangerous sociopathies.

Mind you, the classic comic my mother bought me so I could understand Hegel is waaaaaaay over my head, and I am reduced to watching the 10 ep Youtube series of a young and beautiful, wild and crazy guy, Peter Singer 'splynin' Hegel on the BBC. I'll take me Hegel where I can get him.

It's big stuff.

Memorial Day: Honor thy father and mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

Always a toughie.

My guru says God is our father and mother, and that this is about honoring polarity of male and female, the motive power of the universe. I like this.

The Rev. Chix-on-Top, to whose church brothacuz and I went yesterday, says it's about the second part of the commandment -- our parents are the field on which we live. This is a little psychobabbly for me. But you don't go to church to agree with the preacher.

It's quite possible, or just as plausible, that it's all about the fig barbecue sauce. Mmmm hmmm, mmmm hmmm.

Love you, Daddy. Thank you.
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I mean, the Vuitton bag and the frontwards bada bling glasses chain? This is what 80-year-olds in Miami Beach wear.


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