Jun. 17th, 2011

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I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about Anthony Weiner.

I didn't realize what a big cheese he was in NY politics. Let me put it to you this way, if you were going to run for mayor of New York City in 2013, would you be sexting pix of the popo to people who knew your real name? Or would that be part of your campaign?

So I read the whole resignation story today, verily down unto graf 47, which is where all the real news is, and had a couple of thoughts.

I was interested to note that Pelosi, for whatever reason, framed it as a mental health issue; that the resignation apparently came as the result of an ethics investigation which, were I a bettin' man, I'd wager would reveal much more, as it were; and that the wife of this dirty ole egg-suckin' dog works for none other than.....Mrs. Dirty Ole Egg-Suckin' Dog herself.

[personal profile] oneroom was talking, in locked entries, about....well, waving it around. This is something nobody talks about. My best boyfriend, the one I should have married, who worshipped the ground I walked on and was a nice guy, I didn't like. The reason I didn't like him was, I now realize, guess what? And this was a nice kid, a lifeguard when I met him, working his way through Notre Dame, who became the pediatrician we talked about his being, and fell off an Andes in 1984. This is the result of sustained Google stalking; I couldn't figure out why I couldn't find him. Finally, I did.

The empowerment by cellphone digi pix of this unattractive penchant women are too grottied out to speak of, and men, too, probably, feeds right into the narcisso whatevs politicians and athletes and pediatricians (ack!) have. Part of the creepiness is that it's something only women and gay men really know about men. I do know there is a female equivalent, retailed to me by a foxy 50-year-old guy at whom a silver-haired Katharine Graham herself repeatedly flashed her white knickered crotch. Sally Quinn did it too. It's quite awful to watch and other women most often don't get to see it. I am interested, and should probably write about, the range of motion on straight-up hoeing I stumbled across on Streamate. I'm not a consumer of internet porn, I knew about cam girls and stuff, and stumbled across Streamate while stalking a former LJ friend. (When you fail on LJ there's only one way out, and it's not Facebook.)

There are various styles of female hustling, and of multi-media hustling (the use of background music is particularly interesting, especially for the non-English speakers trying to hide the fact by lip synching cock rock and licking their lips instead of speaking), of eye contact, of what they'll do for free (divided between those who'll show their faces for free and those who don't*), and only a few girls I think are actually sexual beings who are natural cam girls. My favorite -- I don't think she's an actual sexual being, but rather the very best professor of grift ----- is Candi Cruz, who seems to have just launched her own NSFW camgirl website. You want to learn how to part a fool from all his francs? And learn where men get the idea that sex is money? Get a load of Candi, her eye contact, and the deployment of the lip gloss wand.

Naturally, men would think differently. It's sad to me to see how many choose the real sexual grifters (an actual cutline under somebody's thumbnail: This submissive geek-slut wants to please you in exclusive).

It also makes me sad, sometimes, how women get to see men at their worst, and vice versa. As someone once said in a review, I believe it was, of Jake's Thing: only two sexes, and both of them appalling. For your reminding us all of this, for throwing away your career and your marriage, and your nice new, pregnant bride -- Anthony Weiner, we thank you.

I think prolly the queer poly kink universe is equally gross.

*My favorite here is the MILF (aiiieee!) who advertises that her lady bits are perfect, who broadcasts from a messy bedroom, in a voice so high only dogs can hear it and with occasional glimpses of lips so thin so you understand why the cam is focussed on her upper torso. Which is all you get to see before paying up to go "exclusive", in which all perfection can be revealed.


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