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So here's the fronts:

  • Cameron's Government:
    Prime Minister David Cameron's corruption by Murdoch, News of the World, his appointment of NotW editor Coulson as Conservative Party communications director, and 26 meetings in one year with Murdoch execs.

    World economic and political malfeasance:
    Did Cameron cover up the corruption of Scotland Yard and the British police by Murdoch and the phone hacking scandals? Are there other Murdoch malfeasances, for example, the takeover by Murdoch of the BSkyB satellite TV corp, that Cameron enabled or condoned? Are there electoral dirty tricks, or intimidation by Murdoch of police and/or political enemies, like the hacking into Gordon Brown's bank account and perhaps the medical records of his sick baby, that Cameron ordered, covered up, or condoned?

  • Wholesale corruption of Scotland Yard and British police:
    The corruption of Scotland Yard by the hiring of former NotW exec Wallis during the time Scotland Yard was making a decision not to re-open the phone hacking inquiry. The corruption of Scotland Yard execs and detecs all the way back to the beginning by Murdoch threats their private lives would be exposed; their phones too were hacked.

  • Murdoch coverup from the top down of political/police/economic corruption:
    What did
  • former Cameron spokesmodel/NotW editor Coulson, recently arrested
  • former News International chair Brooks
  • former NotW lawyer Crone
  • former Dow Jones prexy Hinton
  • James Murdoch, who signed off on a £700,000 payoff to one News of the World hacking victim
know and when did they know it?

Strikes me there's open-and-shut evidence of a coverup in the James payoff story here:

  • Possible corruption by Murdoch of U.S. politics/police/economics:

    Did NotW hack into the 9/11 vics voice mail, and is there enough evidence to prosecute Murdoch in the US for briberies committed in Britain?

  • Has Roger Ailes at Fox committed similar crimes?

Have you got suggestions to add to the list? Big pic, pliss.

I will observe with pleasure the takeover of Murdoch's publishing unit News International by Mockridge, their Sky Italia guy, a veteran of Berlusconi, a hardass New Zealander passed by for the top BskyB job when James Murdoch was given it in 2003. You survive bunga bunga, your hands are entirely clean. Capisce? Capisce?

It will be interesting to see if Mockridge and Rupe's new PR people, who are apparently behind all this -- today's massacre/apologies/Rupe meeting with hacked murder victim family/agreements to show up at the Parliamentary hearing Tuesday -- can get rid of James. Stockholders apparently are agitating for this.

Then, maybe, Wendi nee Deng Wenge, will leave Rupe.

The Murdochs and the Browns, while Rupe was hacking into the Browns' baby's medical records.

Man, this just gets better and better.


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