Jan. 21st, 2011

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I just saw a woman of a certain age in one of the new Cher-ca. 1967 fake fur vests over a really plain thin funnel necked fleece. It looked excellent.

However, getting the dry cleaning done is pretty much going to take the place of a spring wardrobe for me this year.

So, in honor of Acey Amapola Tompkins, I'ma get me a new one of these. I wear it with a taupe cashmere cardigan and black bootcut jeans.

And I just bought these, all of which I can recommend without hesitation to all genders: )

You also need to get your teeth cleaned. Good skin, good hair, good teeth, painted nails and occasional eyeshadow for boys, and nobody cares what you're wearing. Well, that's not true, you care. And so do I. But the infrastructure is the key.
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Sometimes the news reaches just the body temp IQ that makes me frisky.

In England, Cameron's communications director, the former editor at that respectable news source, Murdoch's News of the World, who resigned from the newspaper after one of his reporters was jailed for hacking into royaltys', pols' and celebs' telephones, has finally also resigned from the conservative cabinet.

Also, another shadow cabinet member has resigned in the wake of his police bodyguard's suspension for having an affair with the cabinet member's wife.

Here, "someone" in LiLo's "camp" has offered the Betty Ford attendant who alleged LiLo came in over the wall, after curfew, drunk, $25,000 to drop assault charges against LiLo.

Octomom has filmed, in the home which she shares with her 14 children, in their playroom and in her bedroom, a video in which she is wearing a bustier and is whipping a mustachioed man in diapers and a baby bonnet. This after claiming she would never, ever do a porno.

There's was another one that just made me lie on my back with all four paws in the air, but I'm giggling too hard to remember which it was.

In other news, I am moving slowly toward achieving the immensely complicated simple dinnner party here on Sunday.

Today, Boston brown bread... )

...and lemon glazed lemon cake. )


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