Mar. 10th, 2011

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This is the third but not the final outfit LiLo has worn to court, where things are looking bad for her. The first was a long sleeved, high necked, white boucle effect skintight sheath with hemline just above midthigh. There is a question about whether or not there was a bra.

I am mixed on the subject of whether miniskirt and no stockings is too skanky for court. For a lawyer no. For a perp, yes.

The second was high waisted trou, with a very low cut black knit top, a black tulle-trimmed cardi. (Tulle?) And most ill-advisedly BORROWED JEWELRY in an evil skank eye motif.

The designer of the skank eye necklace, Lisa Gastineau, being just another one of the increasingly horrific vampires circling around the celebrities, of whom Sam Lutfi, who was grinding up pills to put in Britney's cheezburgers, or MJ's doctor supplying anaesthetic on command, Michael and Dina Lohan, and Charlie Sheen's dope man/pimp/gargoyle, Calamaro, who can be seen at his right hand in episode one of Sheen's Korner (the one even Charlie called a "trainwreck of blind, cuddly puppies" before vowing to soldier on solo, with the rest of the carrion birds surrounding Charlie farting and laughing at everything he says. I would use this as exhibit A in my apocalyptic movie script on the new day of the locusts, about Calamaro), was not the first.'

More on Calamaro, pegged by one of Charlie's lady friends as the one who bought them crack and morning-after pills on the breakfast tray.

He's not letting you in
Style & Culture | SMALL HOURS
Unless you're someone. Rick Calamaro aims to keep Holly's the most exclusive club in town.
April 09, 2006|James Verini | Special to The Times
THE closing of Amanda Scheer Demme's vanity cave Teddy's last week elicited gasps of fear and bewilderment from the paparazzi and Demme's 700 newest, closest friends, but for one place and its proprietor, the news was good. The toughest door in town now belongs to Holly's, restaurateur and club owner Rick Calamaro's Hollywood lounge.

"Now that Teddy's is closed, we're it," Calamaro said, making sure not to smile.

Another experiment in the minuscule-is-more theory of L.A. nightlife, Holly's is close and almost confusingly simple inside. It consists of a few plush gray booths against the walls, a shiny new digital DJ stand and a beat-up Persian-ish rug in the middle of the room, and some late-period-Rembrandt wattage lighting. That's it.
Would you let this man into your club? Your house?

Rachel Zoe and the stylists are at the top of the list, promoting anorexia, Anne Hathaway fashion disaster, and the promulgation of Galliano's alk epoch looks, etc..


We have Live Nation, who is negotiating with Sheen, who is clearly ill, for a concert tour, as well as Bob Maron, the lamprey he's talking to about Twitter revenues in eps 2 and 3 of Sheen's Korner, whose rhetorics, unlike Buffy's, truly are worthy of deconstruction by the Afro pomo homoes. Maron is Sheen's watch dealer, an allegedly Harvard-educated bottom feeder who is now Sheen's "media advisor". This is live, troopies, not Memorex. None of these people are anywhere near what any four-year-old would call sober.

Being that these hearings are all about whether LiLo stole or borrowed a necklace, thus violating probation for the 98th time. Reports had it she was concerned about what to wear to court since the white sheath she thought was conservative, and projected innocence (along with nipples), was reviewed so poorly.

So now comes a taupe leather high necked long sleeved mini skirt sheath with black tights and shoes. There is a VBL, which is progress, and no reported borrowed jewelry.

I would like to point out to you that LiLo has a savvy lawyer who is pictured wearing appropriate court attire.

So the concept is in LiLo's universe. Why her lawyer doesn't call her up every morning and say, this is what a sane person who is going to the slammer tomorrow, whether or not she stops violating her probation, wears to court, you are losing my case for me, and if you don't cut it out, I quit, I do not know. Maybe Shawn Chapman Holley is one of the vultures.

What I do know is you don't wear a leather dress or no bra or FUCK YOU manicures or borrowed skank eye jewelry or miniskirts (without a jacket, shithead, see Jill Wine Volner for the historical reference) to the court house. For any reason. Not ever.

What it says to me, and presumably to a judge, is that you have absolutely no realistic concept of how to conduct yourself in a world where there are codes of meaning and rules by which you must live. This is the costume, in a word, of sociopath, harmful to herself and others.
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I want to hang a four-foot feltidermy catfish in the blue bayou room.

Except I want to make it out of ice blue lame. With feather fins and sequins and pearls and stuff.

This is the one I want to make.


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