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I love it when royalty meets Hollywood. I love the way the royals check the Wood out. One of my favorite all time photographs (of an event I covered) is of QEII grokking E. Taylor's gigantic diamond necklace, or perhaps it was her gigantic bosom, as E. Taylor politely maintains eye contact, and not with the gigantic diamonds and bosom of Her Madge.

July, 1976: This was the occasion but not the pic.

It was at that event Muhammad Ali himself told me he was now complete. He had met everybody. The Queen. She asked him about blood clots in his legs.

Oh yes.

And then the real deal arrived in a small motorcade to huge cheers and cries of "we love you". The remaining lingering stars were ushered inside for a reception, where they were told by Duncan Kenworthy, Bafta's Los Angeles president: "Please don't all rush over, be cool in this coolest of towns. Trust me, they will try and chat to all of you. You can call them whatever you want: sir, madam, Will and Kate. They are very relaxed, as I am sure you will be."

(Btw, an American bows and curtsies to no one. And in the same spirit, one addresses them, I suspect, as Lt. and Mrs. Wales. Or Mountbatten-Windsor. Only the surname is in question.)

Below, find Streisand, the queen of Wood, who allegedly did not walk the red carpet with the rest of them because she can only now be photographed by her own photog. Whom she brought with. Seated at the head table with the even more Woody Kidman, who now approaches the tinge of formaldehyde, Streisand was blocked from seeing the royals, who were only interested in speaking to each other, by the tall lamp centerpieces (as every non-Wood host knows, centerpieces are to be low so guests can see one another).

Did the mutton show too much skin?

Please note the Duchess' goodies are covered up, including the diamond earrings lent by the Queen.

The lamentable decor of the event entailed bowler hats, Union Jacks and Edwardian coats on the waiters, as well as fish and chips hors d'oeuvres with malt vinegar spumo.

Aaaaaaanyway, one of the papers reports WillKat sitting down, ignoring the queen of Wood, who snakes her hand around the centerpiece to flap her hand to say hello.

Please note the queen of Wood is wearing the dress that probably comes closest to Waity's wedding dress of all the dresses worn by hardened scene-stealers in the place.

Of whom Rita Wilson, who is in every shot -- that is her shoulder, to the right of William -- rules.


When they took their seats at the main table they appeared engrossed in their own company, despite the fact Streisand and Kidman were sat opposite.

The royals affectionately stroked each other and chatted away until Miss Kidman finally stuck her hand across the table by way of introduction. Camera-shy Miss Streisand also made the first move - but had to get past a large lamp to shake hands with the star couple.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2013092/Duchess-Cambridge-Kate-Middleton-Prince-William-Red-carpet-royals-Hollywood.html#ixzz1Rj4qwqNz

Curious that only dinosaurs and C-listers (J-Lo) were invited, with neither of the Wood's top two female earners, Angelina and Jen, with $30 mill apiece in 2010 revenues, according to Forbes, in attendance. Neither was classy young Wood, like Reese Witherspoon, represented. Jennifer Garner? What? Either these are the people the royals wanted to meet (Zooey Deschanel? Kristen Chenoweth? The Mad Men chick?) or this is who Nigel Lythgow, the relentlessly lowbrow president of BAFTA (producer of American Idol, which 'splains so very much), who hosted the party and of which William is patron, chose
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Sounds like they're setting up Dow Jones chief exec Les Hinton -- who is the stateside piece of the Murdoch scandal -- as well as former News International exec and Rupert's longtime capo, to take the fall both for young James Murdoch and for the flame-haired editrix.

"The person that I think is most of a problem for Murdoch is Les Hinton," Peter Burden, author of a 2008 book about the News of the World, told Reuters.

"He was definitely around when it was going on and he's now running the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones, and for him to be seen to be mixed up in that whole tacky situation would be very, very damaging indeed."


Still missing, the Roger Ailes/Fox News connection to similar tactics sanctioned and encouraged by Les Hinton and Rupert.

Here we have him encouraging his employee, raven-haired editrix Judith Regan to lie about the affair she had with Bernard Kerik during his brief unsuccessful nomination for homeland security czar. Just previous to his going to prison, as I recall.


The raven-haired editrix.


Jul. 10th, 2011 11:09 pm
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The Daily Mirror has a source claiming NotW tried to hire somebody to hack the phones of 9/11 victims.

If this is true, we may have the beginning of something stateside.


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