Jul. 14th, 2011

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Wow. Scotland Yard and the British police are totally bent. Scotland Yard employed a former News of the World exec, arrested today, as an advisor to the commissioner and the detective in charge of the NotW phone hacking inquiry, during the time Scotland Yard decided not to re-open the inquiry. This decision was termed "crap" in Parliamentary hearings last week by the man who made it.

As Rupe engages a PR firm and lets go NI/NotW's legal manager of many years, Rupe, James and the flame-haired editrix are volunteering to go before a House of Commons committee hearing Tuesday. Flame-haired editrix Brooks stepped up first as Rupe and James claimed they could not be available. Summonsed by the committee, Rupe and James appear to be reconsidering.

MPs have dispatched the deputy serjeant at arms of the House of Commons to Wapping to deliver a summons in person to Rupert Murdoch and his son James to insist they turn up to give evidence to a select committee over the phone- hacking scandal.

I suspect they will talk shit worse than the aforementioned Scotland Yard detectives -- whose testimony actually made hardened parliamentarians laugh.

Brooks, the chief executive of News of the World publisher News International, agreed on Thursday morning to attend and face MPs at the session, though she warned in a letter to the committee that the police investigation into "illegal voicemail interception" meant it would not be appropriate to discuss the details with MPs to avoid prejudicing the inquiry.

[Murdoch] said he wanted to address "some of the things that have been said in parliament, some of which are total lies."

The summons was issued after Murdoch said he would not give evidence to the committee until after having appeared before the public inquiry chaired by Lord Justice Leveson.

Murdoch, who will join his younger son James and News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks at the hearing, added: "We think it's important to absolutely establish our integrity in the eyes of the public."


I shall be very very interested to see where Tom Crone, the NotW former lawyer, winds up. I wonder if his termination means he can now speak freely outside the atty-client priv, if that exists in Britain, or whether he has been bought off. A significant departure, I'd say, with News International spokespersons declining to say whether he'd resigned or been fired.

And in further old Etonian brutality, prime minister Cameron has said his former spokesmodel, the NotW executive Coulson, recently arrested, should be prosecuted if he lied about the phone hacking. You hired him because he lied and ruined peoples' lives, Mr. Prime Minister. This reminds me of the time the Parker Bowles held the door open for Princess Diana to leave the room where she'd confronted her husband's mistress. And curtseyed as Diana fled.


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