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Of all the cheezass things the Peebees did to my house, the plastic floors, doors, and windows, the babyshit brown colors in room after room, including the tile in both bathrooms, the Hogwarts portal, the Torquemada moderne light fixtures, the fist-size river rock paving the yard, the worst was letting all five trees on the property reach the point of death.

Today, hopefully, is the la$t time I will have to invest the grocery money into $aving the tree$.

You can thank me for the increased amount of oxygen in the atmosphere later.

My Boyfriend's Back....
Click the pic for deets.


Dec. 22nd, 2010 03:05 pm
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Sore Eye Poppy Door

With this fifth coat of enamel, the transformation of the Peebees' cheezass Hogwarts Portal is almost finished.

Next up, brushed steel Postino mail box and clear acrylic Neutra address numerals, per Morgan Satterfield's makeover of this suburban porch setting. And perhaps a fake cactus if the budget allows. Click on above pic for provenance of mailbox and numerals.

This is the original Hogwarts Portal, minus the Torquemada Moderne light fixtures which had to be replaced before I could sleep in the house.

Car Port Ramada Moderne Fixture II Replaced....
Note the loose brick threshhold, so classy it required the installation of Elegua, voodoo guardian of portals and crossroads.

Recycling the hideo:

Buh-BYE, Purple Portal of Cheez
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I am noting, for future reference, these cabinet pulls from Rejuvenation hardware. I replaced all the cheezass closet door pulls in the house with these as practically the first small thing I could do to get the stink out of the Casa de Culo de Queso.


I do all my online shopping correspondence on hotmail and save everything to an invoices box. It's a great record of many things, including the date -- June 24, 2009 -- when I decided I had to tag the Casa de Culo de Queso mine. With these pulls.


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