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There are, as it happens, good reasons to question the good faith of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. (Thank you, [personal profile] oneroom, and [profile] the_sikh_geek, for the heads up.)

I would merely like to point out that she has the same tragic Lesbian haircut, as it was called in the comments on my militant hair discourse disparaging Drew Gilpin Faust's hair cut, as the first female Harvard president.

I have connected it to the dreadful Daphne Merkin phenom, in which The New York Times encourages JAPs of a certain age to let the self-loathing all hang out in the very strange belief that it's amusing. The Times encourages specifically Merkin, Joyce Wadler and Alex Kucynski to display very creepy, pornish, Color Me Ugly girl vibes, which are uncomfortably close to a kind of laddish pull-the-flies-wings-off style that others in the eastern corridor hip world find appropriate for women. (Lady Gaga, about whose oooover I've been thinking, does it too. Give me your psycho.... Elsewhere someone has picked up on the Golden Girl fallacy with respect to Betty White's SNL host appearance -- to get old women to talk exclusively about genitals and sex is funny. Tina Fey's census segment, billed as best in show, was the only segment which avoided the tired old vieja verde tropes. Supposedly written by Fey, it made fun of White's dementia instead. It is, how you say in English? Shucking and jiving.)

I submit that Harvard requires of its president and its law school dean that its president write basically about Miss Anne and what she did during the War Between the States, that its law school dean hire only white people as professors of law, and that each of them wear haircuts that Joseph Kennedy might have given his developmentally disabled daughter Rosemary before he gave her the lobotomy.

These haircuts, I will now go farther on to say, are self-mutilating and have nothing to do with tragic Lesbians. I can't think of one right now -- and certainly Kagan is not one -- but I suspect that tragic Lesbians would have fabulous hair.

Note the Elvis lip. The hair? She is hott.

Kagan's fine dark eyes could support, I submit, more of a Hammurabi fingerwave with circlet look:

Or, early messianic rebbe buzz cut for the follicularly challenged, which ages into an Albert Einstein white aureole:

It looks like the Messiah plucks his eyebrows. Dayenu!
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For the record, I note here that Drew Gilpin Faust, who was on telly this morning, still has her drenched Lesbian/Uncle Tom haircut.

But it's blonde now. This, I think, is a step in the right direction.

As I noted in the Power Chicks gallery of women who take up space, in illustration of what I hated most about DGF's appearance/hair, the wussy grey nun haircut of the female president of Michigan state also disappeared after a year or so in power. Mary Sue Coleman went blonde too. Her haircut also improved.

I note she and Gilpin Faust both wear the highend Armani version of what the girls around the corner at SAIS wear -- a black pantsuit with a t shirt.

Dude is blonde now.

Good if exeedingly uncomfortable book, From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the Rise of Digital Utopianism. Fred Turner writes about how computering since WW2 has relied on disembodying, for mathematical/engineering/probability/predictive (and other) reasons, the human mind. Making it a machine. And points out how the rhetoric of Brand and his icky pranksters has always delectated on the idea of disembodiment. He links it to atomic/cold war fears -- linking the latter apotheosis of the puter to the former on the atomic thread -- and I am waiting for him to utter the words I'm thinking: the Internet is the post-atomic raptus.


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I'm slowly uploading a bunch of pictures of courageous women who inhabit their space, and thinking about why Drew Gilpin Faust's appearance so horrifies me. Actually, it's Harvard choosing somebody who presents herself that way that really makes me feel bad.

In the meantime, please consider [personal profile] susanstinson's truly open-hearted vale to Heather McAllister, and look at this pic, by Leonard Nimoy, of women in their space.

not work safe )

Then there are these women in astronomy, who present themselves in every style from Kim Novak to Ernest Borgnine to QE2, all presentations chosen by them, and all look as if there's a light on inside, like you'd actually like to have a mai tai and some pork rinds with them. They look, in short, like they're having fun with their brains. And like they have one.

Astronomer France Cordova

As opposed to the anorectic decades you'd endure in one minute with those Harvard clones. Who I know for a fact give out unpeeled broken chunks of organic carrots for Halloween. And pallid-to-necrotic-to-toxic scholarship.
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Of all the things women have studied and written and invented since the establishment of Harvard in the 17th century, I find it almost inconceivable, yet perfectly predictable, that the first woman president of Harvard should be the foremost, prize-winning expert on the subject of.....Miss Anne.

It's being so hard to find a qualified woman for the job, don't you know.

NYRB review of her book )
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Last night I dreamt I slept with a man I haven't seen since the early 70s. I think this is part of the selling the house series. I am to relive the freedom of life, apple blossom, turquoise waters, before the grim exigencies of sex, marriage, divorce, mortgages and housing set in. Watch this space.

Apropos [livejournal.com profile] cyntergomes comment that the craft blogs make her feel underproductive and untidy -- the way many of the ladies' mags do me.

What if it is not the ladies' mags or the craft blogs who set these anorexic standards? What if it is actually a grass roots uprising of femme shit? What if we, and not Anna Wintour, created body dysphoria? And -- what did the crazy woman in my weaving class call them -- the Quilt Police? (I could not control myself. I guffawed and said Get. A. Life. Which was unkind. Here's an entry about Quilt Policing one's self.)

All the mean girl/mean mommy policing of standards to catch the sleekest beast in the jungle?

[livejournal.com profile] panjanlien, in a closed entry, on the toxicity of the idea of romance and the summer camp she'd like to run for girls de-brainwashing them.

Posie Gets Cozy, one of the most interesting (highly mediated, highly engineered, butch, polished, objectified, erotic food/stuff photography whose glossy abstracted surfaces are, as [livejournal.com profile] fj points out, mesmerizing) craft blogs, gets to the heart of the women's republic in this entry. She writes about baking a cake in a silent house; this fecund, fragrant concatenation within the nest -- as well as the butch concatenations of the house porn bloggers -- is the most attractive thing to me. There is an almost identical sentence in the notoirous Blackman's Guide to Oppression of the Blackwoman, or whatever it's called, that made me exhale and think: this notion of peace and freedom is a very simple thing, icing a cake or cutting out a dress alone at home.

It goes with the enormous pleasure I get out of thinking of somebody alone in a well-lighted room reading a book, and, perhaps, with my piercing vision of paradise in a couple of episodes of Deep Jungle. Maybe I'mm write about that. I owe this blog a lot of formal writing -- aristo femme, VW's diairies, Ulmus. Oh well.

Harvard elects its first so-called woman president. Who has the bleakest drenched Lesbian hair cut I've ever seen.

Even my crazyass backwater virgin closet Lesbian auntie Idelette had a better Lesbian haircut than that. And this so-called woman is from the Shenandoah Valley too.

Great balls of fire, girl. Spike that thang out. And lose the chintzy, two-strand, poor-excuse-for-a-token, poor cousin Edna, funerary pearls.

If this is what you have to look like to be president of Harvard, I decline.

I can't define a female eunuch, but I know it when I see it.

I am Anna Nicole's baby daddy.


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