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2011-07-28 09:36 am

M: Fie, Ghastly Malefactrix

Evidence is emerging that describes the machinations of the flame-haired editrix, News International's former chair, Rebekah Brooks, as an unusually brutal and obsequious bloodthirsty operator. First, it is suggested that disgraced former NOTW editor Andy Coulson was placed by Brooks and James Murdoch as the prime minister's communications director to secure James' rise in NI. Second, it's revealed she gave a telephone to the mother of another murdered child -- a phone investigators now believed was hacked by NOTW. http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/jul/28/phone-hacking-sarah-payne
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2011-07-25 12:23 pm
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M: Solicitors' Regulatory Association to Launch NI Investigation

Back to the idea that Murdoch is a supranational nation state, with the newspapers acting as his enforcers.

The solicitors' professional association in Britain has announced a preliminary inquiry into crimes committed by lawyers in phone hacking scandal.

This investigation is launched as lawyers for celebs and other victims of phone hacking begin to discover their phones were hacked too.

Having suborned Scotland Yard, and, apparently, MI5, Murdoch may have corrupted some of his lawyers as well.

Finally, in the suborned lawyers front, the judge appointed by Prime Minister Cameron to sit on lead the inquiry into the phone hacking scandal has socialized with Murdoch's daughter. Whigs demand wigs scalps.

Lord Justice Leveson, not looking very swift.

Meanwhile, his rival the NYT has set David Carr to the task. In the business pages today, Carr sums things up pretty nicely, saying James is doomed since the Crone/Myler "his testimony was mistaken" announcement of last week, and its over for Rupe, too. Ding, dong!

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2011-07-22 09:25 am

M: Enter Bottom, Center Stage

BSkyB, in a fit of scrupulosity, are talking about taking James Murdoch out as chair at their next board meeting and replacing him with this upright citizen.

What's up with the mother of all toupees, sir?

One shareholder, who asked not to be named, said: "In the longer term it would seem better if there was an independent chairman who wasn't distracted by this sort of stuff. If he's found to have misled the committee then he could not sustain his position. You expect complete veracity in a company chairman."

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2011-07-21 01:20 pm

M: Murdoch Lawyer #2 Strikes Back

You read it here first.

NOTW legal manager Tom Crone and editor Myler assert that James Murdoch's testimony before parliament on the payout to soccer exec Taylor -- viewed in this space as where the rubber meets the road on James' criminal liability -- was "mistaken".


When the Guardian pointed out in the wake of his parliamentary testimony that Murdoch's son had sought to blame them for concealment, one friend of the two men said: "To contradict James will be as good as coming out and calling him a liar."

Myler and Crone, the News of the World's then editor and News International's top newspaper lawyer, both of whom have lost their jobs in the wake of the phone-hacking affair, subsequently spent the day debating what to do.

If their statement of Thursday nightis correct, Rupert's son will have proved to have misled parliament. He will also have destroyed the Murdoch family's last line of defence against the scandal – that they knew nothing, and had been betrayed by those underlings they trusted.

Myler and Crone are, in effect, accusing James Murdoch of being part of the cover-up, one in which the company's executives vainly twisted and turned to conceal the truth about phone hacking and blame it on a single "rogue reporter".