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Mar. 17th, 2011 03:40 pm
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I purchased Roseanne's second book to find out what's happening with Charlie Sheen.

I was not wrong.

The first sentence, ca. 1994, is The one who cares the most wins. That's what I read in The Art of War, that two-thousand-year-old book by some Oriental wise man that everyone in Hollywood owns.

Did any of you catch the minutes leading up to the last Sheen's Korner Ustream broadcast? Where you could see the shadow of Charles writing on his legal pad reflected in the bottle of Tiger's Blood on which the web cam was focussed. Then they focussed it on a copy of guess what? On the floor propped against the desk.

So we have quack psychiatry, via the quack Method acting teacher Strasberg. We have a culture of doping Judy Garland as a child so she could continue to perform. And we have syncretic crazyass Asian militarism, one good reason a "real" syncretic Asian will never cop to any kind of God.

Excellent. Excellent.

I have the feeling I'm going to learn more about Hollywood from Roseanne than from anything else I've ever read.


Mar. 13th, 2011 01:39 pm
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I cannot now find what seems the prescient piece by a TV producer which explains the Oedipal rage a sitcom star feels when the originating producer moves on to new and possibly more profitable productions. It's almost a sexual jealousy, truly Oedipal, and it's one of the things I remembered in reading the Charlie Sheen lawsuit against Lorre. It states -- in a typical Hollywood departure from measured legal rhetoric into psychodynamic rhetoric -- Lorre wished to punish Sheen by cancelling the shows and then firing him, because the profits from the new girls, Mike and Molly and The Big Bang Theory were more lucrative.

Meanwhile, the Lee Strasberg trope that all acting is Freudian psychiatry still has Hollywood by the balls. It permits all kinds of very creepy behavior beginning with the star system whereby the star's personal personna -- their privileged and deeply tormented lives -- becomes the vehicle on which roles and entire productions are formed. So that when Charlie Sheen pops into Lorre's mind as the actor for his sitcom, based on Lorre's pitch of what would happen when a degenerate and a child are thrown together, what Sheen is being paid $1.2-$1.8 million an ep for is to maintain degeneracy in his personal life.

Meanwhile, due to the illusion of authenticity in The Method, Lorre feels empowered to vent his frustration against Roseanne, Brett Butler, Cybill, and Sheen in his vanity cards. Sheen's lawsuit has intelligently trawled the vanity cards to accuse Lorre of longstanding harassment. The Method question is, having purchased -- and reupped, as the law suit points out, in May 2010 when Sheen was under felony indictment -- Sheen's personal, and suicidal, degeneracy as the essence of his star, on which the entire narrative arc and production of "Two and a Half Men" was based, according to Lorre's own testimony, isn't Lorre's legal and financial position one of enabling Sheen to behave in the method Lorre bought his ass for in the first place?

Don't we pay them to pill out and screw jailbait and to have that curiously bottomy, tabula rasa, not very well-educated, unschooled, energy? The criterion for hiring actresses is, as is well-understood, is she fuckable? Which is approaching the kind of energy I'm talking about -- which Sheen has. And is that not now the model for sitcoms based on a standup's personna -- Seinfeld, Roseanne, Raymond, etc.? (Interesting that Seinfeld's only diva-like perq was the uncontaminated stacked Jewish virgin Shoshana whatshername.)

There's also a psychiatric Method arc in the Lorre biographical material. He says he was so disturbed by his run-ins with the castrating bitches Roseanne, Brett Butler and Cybill Shepherd that he designed his next big star personna, Jenna Elfmann for Dharma and Greg, to be drama free. He also designed it to gouge Elfmann and the rest of the cast and crew out of their fair profits.

Having created the Jenna Elfmann drama from Roseanne's rib, Lorre went on to create the degenerate Charlie Sheen drama, complete with a vicious mother, self-admittedly modeled on his own, and peen 'n' poop jokes Lorre somehow feels are cutting edge. He writes, in the vanity cards, about how brave he is to make them in the teeth of the bad old CBS censors, while consciously promulgating the multicam sitcom production values of Jackie Gleason, long after the pomo singlecam era of Seinfeld has taken TV comedies based on the standups' personnas in a different direction. You could call Lorre's post-Seinfeld productions -- Dharma and Greg, Home Improvement, Two and a Half Men, Mike and Molly, The Big Bang Theory -- the fascist backlash against the Roseanne (content)/Seinfeld (anti-content) revolution.

All this is proudly based, I would argue, on the Strasberg method which pilled out Marilyn Monroe.

Roseanne's Deleted Posts on Chuck Lorre )

NYT on Sheen's Suit Against Lorre, and Warner Broz )

Somebody frightened Roseanne into taking down her Lorre hit list post. I would be very very interested to know what she thinks about Mike and Molly, Lorre's latest, which is about two fat people getting it on. That is the whole concept.

Roseanne dealt with this a generation ago, the subtheme of a show with many more layers of real life content. She was absolutely vilified and treated like shit by the producers on account of it. Because she wasn't fuckable. As Elaine Benis, Julia Louis-Dreyfus says, was as bad as the boys.

This is the major reason TV is better than movies. It can be, sometimes, feminist.
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I am trying to figure out how Hollywood really works. Take this as speculative observation in which I am feeling out for the dynamic.

Roseanne fired Chuck Lorre.... )

Here Alec Baldwin describes the suits and how they work and gives Sheen some good advice.

How the suits screw actors.... )

The way actors screw suits is believing, as Sheen does, that it is he who brings the fans and the money, without whom the enterprise would die. When the actor can write scripts, as Roseanne could, this is true. One scene in her book is how Matt Williams bogarted her standup character and became the "creator" of Roseanne. One day he insisted Roseanne say a line she felt was a male POV line and she refused. All the suits came in and said you're in breach of contract, say this line or else. She called her husband, Pentland, and they decided they'd been poor before and they could do it again. She called their bluff. And went on for 9 seasons. Another time Williams went to her co-stars, when Roseanne was ill for an episode or two, and asked Metcalf/Goodman if they'd like to do the series without Roseanne. They told Roseanne about this and earned her undying loyalty and syndication rights and so forth. Roseanne got rid of Williams; I note he is still credited as the "creator" of Roseanne in the early eps I'm watching now.

So actors with creative chops, like the standups, actually can screw the suits. Charlie Sheen has no high school diploma and no street wisdom as the pampered movie colony son who pretty much never really got a job on his own. Imagine Sheen saying, with Roseanne and her OG husband, Pentland, I've been poor and I can do it again. Never happen. The sharks will zero right in on that and do the Lutfi/Calamaro thing, whereby grinding up pills and putting them in Britney's cheeseburgers is the way to isolate her from her entire family and professional staff and gain complete control of her.

Lorre's rep in LA, lashing out against his mother, women, critics and lack of awards.

Brett Butler on Lorre/Sheen and dope.

Cybill Shepherd is a notorious ahole, without the talent of Roseanne, so there's little material on her dispute with Lorre, who was fired from Cybill after 5 eps.

Lorre sues Brett Butler producers for profits, alleging sexual harassment by Butler. )

Dharma and Greg cast and crew sue Lorre for gouging their profits.
In April, Judge Joseph Biderman ruled that the studio's Modified Adjusted Gross Receipts payments to Lorre's Meshuggenah Prods and Dartland's 4 to 6 Foot Prods should not have been deducted becuase they were advances against net profits, and the plaintiffs' agreements with Fox allowed deduction of any backend participations except net profits.

"Despite the parties' labeling the payments as MAGR payments, they were in fact Advance Net Profit payments in the form of MAGR," Biderman wrote.

The judge then set a hearing to determine the specific damages owed, with lawyers for the plaintiffs claiming more than $15 million in damages and interest.

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This is the third but not the final outfit LiLo has worn to court, where things are looking bad for her. The first was a long sleeved, high necked, white boucle effect skintight sheath with hemline just above midthigh. There is a question about whether or not there was a bra.


I am mixed on the subject of whether miniskirt and no stockings is too skanky for court. For a lawyer no. For a perp, yes.

The second was high waisted trou, with a very low cut black knit top, a black tulle-trimmed cardi. (Tulle?) And most ill-advisedly BORROWED JEWELRY in an evil skank eye motif.


The designer of the skank eye necklace, Lisa Gastineau, being just another one of the increasingly horrific vampires circling around the celebrities, of whom Sam Lutfi, who was grinding up pills to put in Britney's cheezburgers, or MJ's doctor supplying anaesthetic on command, Michael and Dina Lohan, and Charlie Sheen's dope man/pimp/gargoyle, Calamaro, who can be seen at his right hand in episode one of Sheen's Korner (the one even Charlie called a "trainwreck of blind, cuddly puppies" before vowing to soldier on solo, with the rest of the carrion birds surrounding Charlie farting and laughing at everything he says. I would use this as exhibit A in my apocalyptic movie script on the new day of the locusts, about Calamaro), was not the first.


More on Calamaro, pegged by one of Charlie's lady friends as the one who bought them crack and morning-after pills on the breakfast tray.

He's not letting you in
Style & Culture | SMALL HOURS
Unless you're someone. Rick Calamaro aims to keep Holly's the most exclusive club in town.
April 09, 2006|James Verini | Special to The Times
THE closing of Amanda Scheer Demme's vanity cave Teddy's last week elicited gasps of fear and bewilderment from the paparazzi and Demme's 700 newest, closest friends, but for one place and its proprietor, the news was good. The toughest door in town now belongs to Holly's, restaurateur and club owner Rick Calamaro's Hollywood lounge.

"Now that Teddy's is closed, we're it," Calamaro said, making sure not to smile.

Another experiment in the minuscule-is-more theory of L.A. nightlife, Holly's is close and almost confusingly simple inside. It consists of a few plush gray booths against the walls, a shiny new digital DJ stand and a beat-up Persian-ish rug in the middle of the room, and some late-period-Rembrandt wattage lighting. That's it.


Would you let this man into your club? Your house?

Rachel Zoe and the stylists are at the top of the list, promoting anorexia, Anne Hathaway fashion disaster, and the promulgation of Galliano's alk epoch looks, etc..


We have Live Nation, who is negotiating with Sheen, who is clearly ill, for a concert tour, as well as Bob Maron, the lamprey he's talking to about Twitter revenues in eps 2 and 3 of Sheen's Korner, whose rhetorics, unlike Buffy's, truly are worthy of deconstruction by the Afro pomo homoes. Maron is Sheen's watch dealer, an allegedly Harvard-educated bottom feeder who is now Sheen's "media advisor". This is live, troopies, not Memorex. None of these people are anywhere near what any four-year-old would call sober.

Being that these hearings are all about whether LiLo stole or borrowed a necklace, thus violating probation for the 98th time. Reports had it she was concerned about what to wear to court since the white sheath she thought was conservative, and projected innocence (along with nipples), was reviewed so poorly.

So now comes a taupe leather high necked long sleeved mini skirt sheath with black tights and shoes. There is a VBL, which is progress, and no reported borrowed jewelry.

I would like to point out to you that LiLo has a savvy lawyer who is pictured wearing appropriate court attire.

So the concept is in LiLo's universe. Why her lawyer doesn't call her up every morning and say, this is what a sane person who is going to the slammer tomorrow, whether or not she stops violating her probation, wears to court, you are losing my case for me, and if you don't cut it out, I quit, I do not know. Maybe Shawn Chapman Holley is one of the vultures.

What I do know is you don't wear a leather dress or no bra or FUCK YOU manicures or borrowed skank eye jewelry or miniskirts (without a jacket, shithead, see Jill Wine Volner for the historical reference) to the court house. For any reason. Not ever.

What it says to me, and presumably to a judge, is that you have absolutely no realistic concept of how to conduct yourself in a world where there are codes of meaning and rules by which you must live. This is the costume, in a word, of sociopath, harmful to herself and others.

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Finally, the Sheen discourse begins. Anna Holmes on the op ed page of the NYT the other day says Sheen has never really paid the price for woman abuse because his victims, including his three wives, are seen to be disposable women -- transactional sex workers.

Somebody else brought up the interesting question of why Chris Brown was beat down for beating Rihanna and Sheen never has been.

Either it's because Chris Brown is black or Rihanna is not a disposable woman, and she also took pictures of the beating which were leaked.

I haven't thought through [personal profile] villagecharm's thoughtful locked disquisition on all the angry white boys who worship Sheen while believing white boys are the least empowered people on the planet -- Beckerman over at Guyism is voicing this particular thread.

Sheen is, according to Beckerman, the Ubermensch, a typically libertarian take:

Charlie Sheen is no longer a mere thespian, nor a mere playboy; he has become a modern icon of unfiltered, untrammeled masculinity, an embodiment of Nietzsche’s Übermensch who no longer needs the Hollywood hype machine; he has achieved orbit. His publicist refuses to work with him anymore, yet Sheen is booked on every major media outlet in the country. He is the prime topic of American conversation, not for his crimes, not for his work, but simply for being Charlie Sheen. Not like the fame matters to him beyond the godlike amusement of generating spectacle, because he is the essential self-contained man.

I think we differ on the quality of the toys and the occupation of an Ubermensch. While actors have positioned themselves at the apex of society, what they don't understand is that a number of us who actually do control the media, have no such belief, and further that groupies like Beckerman (Piers Morgan and the radio djs) are lickspittles who do not meet the fairly low criteria for journalists. I think that like Eminem, Sheen is a hero to suburban milquetoasts who'd break out in a rash if they had to walk down a sidewalk with black people on it.

I dated a guy like that once. He was a transitional man, and I stayed with him for an age because he was perfectly square. He and I, his brother and sister-in-law walked from my house on 27th Street to Wisconsin Avenue, maybe six blocks. He told me later his sister-in-law, the Valium Queen, hadn't walked that far in 20 years.

The subtext was neither had dear old B. It is to B that Sheen appeals, Sheen, in his anaerobic gated house, with the cherry-picked, incredibly substandard women -- he could, theoretically, get any woman in the universe, including ScarJo, who is dating his sober, Academy-Award-winning buddy Penn -- he avers he likes because in a porn star, "you can see what you're getting", and with prostitutes, "you don't have to lie to anybody" -- slowly (perhaps all too slowly) being stripped of his job, his children, his money and his viability in Hollywood, while still believing 1.6 million Twitter followers are fans and not the same people who are watching OJ's white Jeep heading for death down the freeway. Nuthin' uber about that.

I hope to God it doesn't occur to Sheen to run for president. Newtie will be pissed.
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Who would like to wager me $55K-a-month in those child support payments you're trying to weasel out of now that you're unemployed, that the sum total of Charlie's "rehab" at home was the importation of Miss Chronic 2010 and the porn star and his former wife, all of whom promised to detox with Charles?

And basically that he kidnapped Bob and Max, after not seeing them for a year, not just because their mother is a cokehead, but so he could renege on the support?

Finally, I think he's crazy and the March 22 custody hearing will a.) put the children in the care of their grandmother and b.) raise issues of conservatorship/commitment for Sheen.


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