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I have like $3 to last until the end of the month.

Got busted yesterday at the store for insufficient funds on a $19 grocery bill.

This happens and I freak and run and check the transactions, thinking I've had a spending orgy in my sleep. But no, it's only the usual $700 medical insurance bill and $500 accountant and and and.

I am going the rest of this month to observe the tenets of Obiwan [personal profile] oneroomkenobe, and that is to cook and eat what there is. For tonight, I think that means borscht, turnips, broccolli, cheese biscuits, and my choice of tapenade, eggplant* or walnut dip. Poor me. (I must confess, David Tanis fucked me on the dips, they're disgusting.)

Last night it was pork stir fried with ancient tofu. It was terrible. I ate the pork and gave the Aceynator the tofu, which she loved because it was skanky. And the Japanese so pride themselves on being morally superior to cheese.

Oh yes.

I started my needlebook last night. I'm thrilled with it.

My mother had a black heart box. This is what she kept in it.

Neither my sistacousin nor I can get beans to cook up right. We were raised on home-soaked, long-cooked beans -- me, I was weaned on rice and beans -- and we can't find a bean in any store, from the supermercado to the pan-Asian gluttony shop to the hippie dippie rich boho coop, that can be rendered edible by any amount of soaking and cooking. What happens is you soak overnight, you prep 10 veg for a soup with beans, or plan on baked beans or pea soup for supper, and after two, three, four hours of cooking THEY'RE NOT DONE.

What do you know about this? The loss of beans is a real blow in the frugal abundance department.

Canned beans are what daytrippers eat.

The best new eat of the month happens to be, well, not exactly poor people food but in its best tradition: the $8 Indonesian fusion tineka sandwich I ganked off Cafe Lula's menu:

Peanut Butter (a good quarter inch of crunchy)
Sambal (a knife tip, no more, mad dog, well schmeared into the peanut butter)
Cucumber (unwaxed, rather thickly sliced)
Red Onion (thinly sliced)
Vine Ripe Tomato (thick)
Sprouts (radish are heavenly)
Drizzle of Sweet Soy Sauce (DO NOT OMIT) on the opposite slice of
Multigrain Bread.

* This, and Claudia Roden's baba ganouj, are the only acceptable cold eggplant preparations I have liked.
Cook's Mag Caponata Recipe )


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