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Of all the cheezass things the Peebees did to my house, the plastic floors, doors, and windows, the babyshit brown colors in room after room, including the tile in both bathrooms, the Hogwarts portal, the Torquemada moderne light fixtures, the fist-size river rock paving the yard, the worst was letting all five trees on the property reach the point of death.

Today, hopefully, is the la$t time I will have to invest the grocery money into $aving the tree$.

You can thank me for the increased amount of oxygen in the atmosphere later.

My Boyfriend's Back....
Click the pic for deets.
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Getting Closer to Its Final Apotheosis....

Here in the desert, we plant our plastic barrel cactuses in the spring.

The former hogwarts portal has almost finished its transformation into the sore-eye poppy portal of my dreams. It has five, count 'em, five coats of perfectly applied enamel on it.

Sore Eye Poppy at the Corner of Escalante with Paint Chip

Car Port Ramada Moderne Fixture II Replaced....
Please note what may have been the most annoying aspect of the whole horrific hogwarts portal, the cheezass brick threshhold.

Up and Away, Purple Portal of Cheez
October, 2009

First Koat of Kilz on Sore Eye Poppy Portal
September, 2009
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I want to hang a four-foot feltidermy catfish in the blue bayou room.

Except I want to make it out of ice blue lame. With feather fins and sequins and pearls and stuff.

This is the one I want to make.

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Velvet Queen Sunflowers
A fantastic use for the moistened business page of the Macondo Manana [TILDE!!!!]: wrap your Velvet Queen sunflowers in it and put them in a Ziploc and germination shall occur. Overnight. It's a miracle.
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Flower Garden Dreams

Three Kinds of Hollyhock Seed: Black, Pink and White...
Three kinds of hollyhock seed liberated in 2002 from the Temple community gardens at 15th and S Streets: black, pink, and white. I have been saving them towards this day.

The Seed-Shop
Here in a quiet and dusty room they lie,
Faded as crumbled stone or shifting sand,
Forlorn as ashes, shrivelled, scentless, dry -
Meadows and gardens running through my hand.

In this brown husk a dale of hawthorn dreams;
A cedar in this narrow cell is thrust
That will drink deeply of a century's streams;
These lilies shall make summer on my dust.

Here in their safe and simple house of death,
Sealed in their shells, a million roses leap;
Here I can blow a garden with my breath,
And in my hand a forest lies asleep.

-- Muriel Stuart
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The Seed Shop
Je veux que la mort me trouve plantant mes choux.
-- Montaigne

Biodegradable Seed Pots
Click for deets.
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Filthy Disgusting Cheezass Venetian Blinds....
For provenance and news on what the bottom will look like, click on the pic.


Dec. 22nd, 2010 03:05 pm
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Sore Eye Poppy Door

With this fifth coat of enamel, the transformation of the Peebees' cheezass Hogwarts Portal is almost finished.

Next up, brushed steel Postino mail box and clear acrylic Neutra address numerals, per Morgan Satterfield's makeover of this suburban porch setting. And perhaps a fake cactus if the budget allows. Click on above pic for provenance of mailbox and numerals.

This is the original Hogwarts Portal, minus the Torquemada Moderne light fixtures which had to be replaced before I could sleep in the house.

Car Port Ramada Moderne Fixture II Replaced....
Note the loose brick threshhold, so classy it required the installation of Elegua, voodoo guardian of portals and crossroads.

Recycling the hideo:

Buh-BYE, Purple Portal of Cheez
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I want to make Maida Heatter's sweet potato pound cake, and eat it with homemade applesauce.
Also Nigel Slater's plum cakes and crumbles, and mushrooms baked with tarragon mustard butter.
And a good green soup.
Tonight, [personal profile] oneroom's colcannon for dinner.
Today, very happy and peaceful. I cleaned the living room like it hasn't been cleaned since I moved in. This makes me feel peaceful.
The espaldas secas got the pavement around the corner today from the north alley into the sidewalk for the west patio.
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I am noting, for future reference, these cabinet pulls from Rejuvenation hardware. I replaced all the cheezass closet door pulls in the house with these as practically the first small thing I could do to get the stink out of the Casa de Culo de Queso.


I do all my online shopping correspondence on hotmail and save everything to an invoices box. It's a great record of many things, including the date -- June 24, 2009 -- when I decided I had to tag the Casa de Culo de Queso mine. With these pulls.
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I have solved virtually all of my intractable design problems by purchasing a roll of grasscloth, white with lime undercurrents:


And a large white plastico picado wedding banner:

Wideass Load )

The one shall be shelving paper for the bureau in the Yinka room and also possibly the Morgan le Fay room bureau, if the seafoam polka dot oilcloth thing doesn't work out, and the other shall be screens for the lower half of the windows on the north side of the house, which overlook, about 10 feet away, my neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Roper, always ready for their closeup even as I am not. With the bottom half of the windows screened, I shall be able to raise the blinds during the day and get some sun in here.

Which shall be the shelving paper and which the window screens I have not yet decided. Badabing.

Seriously though, I think the plastico picado is genius. The other only half as nice option are these incredibly expensive but Way Hip Swedish window films, and the even more expensive, but waaaaaaaaaaaay less hip Americano window films from 2Jane.
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Round, Beveled Edge, $19.99, Target

Round Mosaic Wall Mirror, $59.99, Target ($42.99, Walmart)

Wire Capiz Sunburst, $79.99, Target

Gold Sunburst, $52.99, Walmart (Target has the same one for $20 more)
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Inspired by the obsessive, but revolutionary, cyber hustler interior decorators over at Young House Love -- for $250 they do a mood board and furnish your room with links to cheap intarwebs furniture -- here's my shopping list finally consummated today. I can't do a mood board, but I do know porn when I see it. So I just pasted in the pix.

Total shelter porn )
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I found a very acceptable Hollywood Regency starburst mirror for the fireplace wall in the Pillow Talk Room at Walmart. For $40. Don't hate me because I'm a scab beautiful.


It goes perfectly with my $20 Tarjay end tables, my $14 Etsy cherub lamp bases, my 1940s Meyercord decals from Etsy for the adjacent pantry, and my Hollywood Regency swag chandelier from Etsy.

Pay no attention to the decorative holiday hairballs tumbleweeds swirling about in the vortex of mayhem.

They'll all be painted some version of the very top platinum blonde color. (Some metallic, some not.) All inspired by Doris' night table in Pillow Talk:

Her single bed always just slays me.
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Two thirds of the kitchen cabinets have their second coat of paint, Suzy Creamcheese blonde vanilla, and I have several coats meself. I was going to go til six but five hours is all I can manage. It's drudgery, and I have another coat to go.

You note in this pic, from Pillow Talk, in which Doris Day has a swinging career gal pad of about the era of the Rancho Atomico, that the set is painted in two colors of blonde -- honey and platinum. So shall my kitchen/family room be, with the coral accent way paler and confined to the inside of the built in bar and the broom closet. Boom boom.

The Liz's Antique Hardware knobs, on which I spent more than I did on the second hand appliances, rock so hard I have to say they're all that's keeping me going. Like the cabinets have to be painted afore I can install the bling.

Here we are trying it on the babyshit green of the POs:

It looks way better on the blonde.
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I'm very excited about my $50 eBay stool whose legs, as you can see, match the Bertoia knock off. Transparent chair in front of the picture window, armless sofa and stool across from two armless slipper chairs is going to be the convo area in the radioactive spumoni living room. (Please ignore the coffee tables from a former life, ditto the dirty dog cover on the sofa. There will be a circular taupe rug and much else.)

I am excited about what I'm going to do with the stool.

I'm going to prime it, enamel it white, tape it up, glaze it with taupe, comb it when wet, let it dry, untape, retape the painted bits, glaze and comb the formerly taped bits, to achieve a herringbone pattern. I love me some Martha.

Here's where to get the comb.

Ditto the acrylic glazing liquid to mix with your paint.

The seat shall be reupholstered either in Tibetan lamb or a very textural bathmat that's on order, winging its way in this direction.

I'm leaning toward the bathmat cause it's washable, vegan, costs one-third the price of the lamb, and reminds me of the immortal wiener bench. Yay.


Lamb )
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I did absolutely nothing today, except bake beans and applesauce cookies and score the only 48-inch Saarinen (riiiiiiight) tulip table left on the planet for $100, on Craigslist, right up the street.

There was an online knockoff for $325, but they don't have the 48-inch ones any more and I was about to....spend $1300 for a real one? Not.

It needs to be re-laminated with Formica on the top. I'm sure Reg the Space Cadet can do this, and I bet it won't cost more than $100.

And installing it in the living room, after four months' work, and still like 15 cartons of books and office supplies to unpack, gave me the famous renovator's second wind. I put up the knock off Eames clock, which was practically the first thing I bought for the Rancho Atomico, and I ate cookies and slept on the couch and took some cookies over to the HAP, whose mother confided in me she works for solid waste management and got my municipally-issued garbage can repaired, and took down the piss colored curtains the Peebees had left in the master bedroom, which is now going to be The Studio and moved the table which had been serving as desk from the living room into The Studio along with the Aalto chairs, and played on the Fishs Eddy site, which has the only coffee cups fit for human consumption, and on the coolest rag rug woman site over at Etsy.

Today I felt for the first time in four months that the house wasn't going to eat me alive. This is what a bargain gives you: mastery over the money pit. And filling the house with good bakey smells. Inaugurating my four brand new Cooks mag recommended cookie sheets was a trip, and another secret of life was revealed. Making cookies isn't hard if you don't have to wait for the one cookie sheet you own to cool down so you can wash it and grease it and put another dozen blobs of dough on it.

Things is looking up. Love Craigslist.
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So here's the day's progress on the floors.

Master Floor with Epoxy Patches Sanded Down, Sealed )

Master, First Color Coat )

The sewing room looks much the same.

Meanwhile I'm taking a poll on which orange the front door should be:

L to R, Tangerine, Orange Pecan, Tangerine Cream, Brushed Orange


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