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Here is Phillip Blond's Red Tories manifesto.

My smart friend Nick says the Euros, reaching the end of socialist and capitalist mayhem, are in a much better position to implement these ideas.

Are they fascist, do you think?
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I hope you econ smarties out there will read Belloc's The Servile State and then this new post-capitalist former theologian guy, Phillip Blond's Red Tory and tell me if it is not the sort of pastoralist (peak oil, hippie, millenarian) heart of fascism I not-so-sekritly adore.

Blond was just on the BBC arguing quite cogently that the monarchy represents all kinds of good things, including a supra political head of state who represents the country in the teeth of unscrupulous democratic demagogues. A longing for fascism, not least of the feminist secessionist kind, along the lines of the female ensemble show Jam and Jerusalem, or Cranford, is as you know my hidden agenda for ruling the world. The men can live in the gate house. To be let out, as the elephant women do the elephant gentlemen, who live alone in the jungle playing basketball and tweaking, once every 24 months or so (elephant gestation).

I'm hoping you smarties will read Blond and Belloc, alleged to be his visionary source, 'cause it's all I can do right now to read the craft blogs and note that all the actual Scandanavians are building gingerbread Chrysler buildings for Christmas while Suzy Creamcheese in Houston, or wherever it is she lives (you know I dote upon this woman's every airbrushed cutout) is all up into rustic Scanda elves 'n' trad woven hearts and red and white Dala rocking horse stockings.


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