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I found a very acceptable Hollywood Regency starburst mirror for the fireplace wall in the Pillow Talk Room at Walmart. For $40. Don't hate me because I'm a scab beautiful.


It goes perfectly with my $20 Tarjay end tables, my $14 Etsy cherub lamp bases, my 1940s Meyercord decals from Etsy for the adjacent pantry, and my Hollywood Regency swag chandelier from Etsy.

Pay no attention to the decorative holiday hairballs tumbleweeds swirling about in the vortex of mayhem.

They'll all be painted some version of the very top platinum blonde color. (Some metallic, some not.) All inspired by Doris' night table in Pillow Talk:

Her single bed always just slays me.
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Two thirds of the kitchen cabinets have their second coat of paint, Suzy Creamcheese blonde vanilla, and I have several coats meself. I was going to go til six but five hours is all I can manage. It's drudgery, and I have another coat to go.

You note in this pic, from Pillow Talk, in which Doris Day has a swinging career gal pad of about the era of the Rancho Atomico, that the set is painted in two colors of blonde -- honey and platinum. So shall my kitchen/family room be, with the coral accent way paler and confined to the inside of the built in bar and the broom closet. Boom boom.

The Liz's Antique Hardware knobs, on which I spent more than I did on the second hand appliances, rock so hard I have to say they're all that's keeping me going. Like the cabinets have to be painted afore I can install the bling.

Here we are trying it on the babyshit green of the POs:

It looks way better on the blonde.


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