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It's encouraging to me that Jay Rockefeller, of all obscure, non-grandstanding, liberals, chairman of the U.S. Senate commerce committee, should be the first to jump on the Murdoch scandal when Ed Miliband, Britain's Labour party leader, is staking his entire career, and apparently the bringdown of the Conservative-led coalition government, on dismantling the entire Murdoch empire.

There's other great stories out there about how James Murdoch's days are numbered as a master of the universe, mainly due to a shareholders' suit against the evil empire. No dancing on graves yet, Roger Ailes is said to have been strengthened by the implosion in Britain and the shakiness of James' future.

I am beginning to believe the Parliamentary hearings Tuesday, with arrogant, angry testimony or maudlin apologies from Rupe, the fixer James, and the hack queen Brooks -- y'all bought Scotland Yard! -- will be disastrous for the Murdochs in a way PR doesn't really account for. They'll be toast. I think it's basically because while Rupe thought he had friends in high places, he does not, because not even David Cameron, who now appears to be a BJ master, can condone the hack of a dead child's voice messages.

There's a suggestion Tuesday's testimony will be James Murdoch's exit interview as chair of BSkyB's board.

Unusually, the parliamentary committee the Murdochs and Brooks have been summonsed to speak to, is considering putting the three of them under oath.

The bending of Scotland Yard is truly grievous.

What I think a poor public performance in the hearings will do here in America is sharpen the liberals' taste for blood and hopefully result in political will for the SEC and FBI investigations to lead to the restoration of real enforcement and oversight of the financial universe here, which still operates with impunity. I'm a dreamer, I know. But the disappearance of the Fairness Doctrine and any kind of SEC enforcement really has resulted in the enthronement of thugs. I think also digital trading has contributed the rise of a peculiarly lizard-like investor, of which James Murdoch seems to be the avatar du jour.

I'd like to know how the Republicans in the budget/debt ceiling debates are feeling about possibly not having Murdoch/Fox News to back them up any more. That's a good story, actually. The Guardian is sort of semi on it.

There's a tea leaf of a hint that Obama is paying attention, as well he should:
At the same time John Podesta, a former Clinton chief of staff who is close to Obama, has come out swinging against News Corp. In an interview in Canada this week, he attacked Fox News and declared that the company might have broken US laws if it paid bribes to police in Britain. "This is not one rogue editor. This is an empire that was built on a set of journalistic ethics that's beginning to explode and unravel," he said.


I bet Obama's watching to see if Miliband can win his political prize by staking everything on Rupe. And I bet Hill and Bill are doing vast-right-wing-conspiracy happy dances around this, which will be very influential.

I think he's going down. I think the FBI and the SEC will dig up something, perhaps without actual substance, but enough for hearings here. That will be very, very interesting indeed.


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